70% Diet 30% Gym: Why You Can’t Out-Exercise A Bad Diet

“Abs are made in the kitchen,” well I love cooking and I still haven’t come across that recipe! No, in all seriousness, this quote proves true. We may not be able to cook up a batch of washboard abs, but making sure our diet nutrition is on point will sure help maximize our results. 

(Note: I crossed out the word diet because we don’t use that word here. Diet is associated with too many bad, unhealthy plans. This blog isn’t about diet, it is about a healthy lifestyle.)

I can’t stress enough how important nutrition is to achieving optimal fitness results. You can’t out-exercise a bad diet! Many people think, “okay I just ate a 300-calorie cupcake, so if I go burn 300-calories on the elliptical, then that means that I never really ate it to begin with.” No honey, that is not how it works.

Oh. Are you shocked?

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve heard people complaining about the hours and hours they put in at the gym and aren’t seeing the results they desire. I see these same people eating a salad with a cup of ranch dressing and a dinner roll post-workout. 

If you want a lean and healthy body, it starts in the kitchen. It makes no sense to work your a** off at the gym and not think twice about what you’re putting into your mouth. You shouldn’t treat your stomach like a waste basket. Food is fuel.

The truth is, now matter how many hours you log at the gym, you won’t achieve your dream body without proper nutrition.

I want you to stop and think for a moment about your current diet. Are you paying close attention to what you are feeding your body?

Do you read labels? Do you look at ingredients? Do you count calories without taking into consideration how many fats, carbs, and proteins you are consuming? Do you have the “ate it, negate it” attitude stated above?

If you answered “yes,” well, then it’s time to clean up your nutrition plan. If you do, you will begin to see results in no time. I promise.



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