Small Changes = Big Difference


This is one quote that I use frequently in daily motivational discussions with my clients, friends, and family.

Health and fitness is difficult for some people to become proactive about. You know the saying, “you never know what you have until you lose it”? Well. This saying rings true, and sadly enough, people do not become proactive about their health until they don’t have it anymore.

I know people who have made up a million excuses about why they can’t exercise or eat healthy. They say that they don’t have time. They say that a gym membership is too expensive. They say that they work too many hours. They say that healthy food is too expensive.

I’ve seen these same people pack on pounds over the years, begin developing high blood pressure, arthritis, heart problems, and a multitude of other ills. Then, miraculously, they find that they do have the money to eat healthy and they do have the time to exercise.

This doesn’t have to be you.

Don’t take your health or your body for granted.

Most people are intimidated by throwing themselves into a whole new lifestyle plan. It can become overwhelming. I don’t suggest going from not exercising at all to hitting the gym 7 days a week, or giving up eating all your favorite foods completely. That is just not realistic. After all, we are human.

This is simply why I stress this quote:

Small changes can make a big difference.

Start Small:

#1-Set a plan and stick to it. Begin by making time to exercise 3 times a week for 30-minutes a day. 30-minutes… that’s less than 4% of your day! That may mean waking up an hour earlier to hit the gym, or moving around your after-work schedule to make time to exercise. Don’t think of it as a task. Think about it as your, YOU time.

#2-Instead of eating your favorite chips everyday as a snack. Swap them out for a healthier alternative. I always suggest keeping a food diary. Write down everything that you eat during the day. At the end of the day, re-read your daily entry. Are you making healthy choices? What food items can you swap out for a healthier option? For example, you eat a cobb salad for lunch with ranch dressing. Instead of using ranch dressing, opt for a low-fat vinaigrette. Or instead of drinking soda with your dinner, opt for flavored seltzer water. Simple changes in your diet can make a HUGE difference.

Start out small. Set mini-goals. Celebrate small accomplishments. I promise that you will gain a whole new outlook on health and fitness. It truly is, only as hard as you make it on yourself. Don’t take your good health and your able body for granted. You just don’t know when either of those could be taken away from you.


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