Bootyful: 5 Moves To A Better Tush


You’re always busting it, saving it, covering it, or laughing it off. Your booty is important and it goes far beyond curb appeal. Sure, a great butt looks good on every body- but your booty also plays a significant role in all your movements.

Your glutes work as stabilizers, rotators, tilters, extendors, abductors, and adductors. Strong glutes are critical for running, jumping, moving laterally, and twisting. They also help keep your knees, ankles, and spine in alignment. All in all, glute strength helps you move better.

Butt-building can be a trial because, curvy or flat, your genes play a substantial role in the shape of your behind. The typical squats, lunges, and deadlifts will help build you a strong tush, but adding these out-of-the-box exercises will help you beat your genes. Have no fear, you do not need to suffer from a lifetime of flat, droopy-butt syndrome!

The Bootyful Moves


1. Barbell Hip Thrust– The hip thrust is great for the reshaping of the glutes. You won’t find many other exercisers where your glutes are in the strongest position during peak contraction BodyBuilding – Barbell Hip Thrust. (4sets x 10reps) **Don’t be intimidated by the picture! You do not need to use this much weight, of course. If you want to start by simply using a bar with no weight plates, do that.**


2. Split Squat- You can do this move with a barbell, dumbbells, or your own body weight. It’s wonderfully tough on your lower body muscles due to the unilateral movement (working one side of the body at a time) with minimal loading of the spine. BodyBuilding – One Leg Barbell Squat. (4sets x 6-8reps on each leg)


3. Goodmorning- This move hits your glutes and hamstrings while providing a nice stretch. You can do them standing or sitting. If you’re worried about your back try the sitting position first. If you’re standing keep a slight behind in the knees. BodyBuilding – Good Morning. (4sets x 10reps)


4. Sliding Leg Curl- This floor exercise is much more difficult than it appears. The trick to maximizing glute activation is to keep your hips in bridge position throughout the entire movement. As you pull your legs towards your glutes bridge higher. As you slide your legs away from your body, hover above the floor so your glutes are continually activated. (2sets x 10-12reps)


5. Abduction- Many gyms have an abduction machine, however if your gym doesn’t or you’re working out at home, an exercise band will do just fine. Abductors plays a crucial role in glute function. This move will strengthen your hips. Do this move at the end of your routine. I like to use this move as a finisher or “burn-out” exercise. (4sets x 25reps)

Add these to your leg routine and I promise you’ll start seeing bootyful results! Now get out there and work it!


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