Mind Games

Admit it. You secretly check that “problem spot” a few times a day. You poke at it, grab it, squish it, or just stare at it for minutes on end. Whether it’s the fat deposit on your hip or your inner thigh, it makes you self-conscious.


How do you really feel about your body? Even when no one else is looking? The answer may affect your self-worth more than you think.

First: Pass on perfection. It doesn’t exist. We stare at fitness models and celebrities gracing the cover of a magazine or movie screen… admiring every inch of their seemingly perfect bodies not knowing that those perfect bodies are self-conscious about their imperfections. Did that make sense?  The models and celebrities we admire as perfect specimens also have things they are self-conscious about. We all criticize ourselves. 

Always remember that most photographs you see are altered. It’s ridiculous what they can do with Photoshop nowadays! So that “perfect body” you’re admiring, but not even exist in the first place!

In addition, don’t forget that great bodies aren’t made overnight. Whatever real-body you’re admiring was made with hard work, effort, and sacrifice. Everyone started somewhere.

Second: Hang up the comparisons. If you remember one thing from this article let it be this: Staring at the computer screen, comparing your body to other people’s pages and photos, will drive you straight to the psych ward.

In fact, research states that time spent on Facebook is linked to depressive symptoms and the tendency to compare ourselves with others.

Third: Accept your genetic predisposition. You have to play the cards you were dealt with at birth. I was born with cellulite and, frankly, there isn’t much I can do about it. Believe me, I have tried every remedy in the book! I can choose to be hung up on it and continually be depressed about it (which is no way to live) or I can continue my journey to my best body… MY best body.

You may be genetically predisposed to fat deposits on certain areas of your body. Your ethnicity may play in a role in how lean you are able to get. You might have a harder time metabolizing carbohydrates efficiently. Help yourself achieve results by researching techniques that are for your specific body type. It is truly a game of trial and error. Don’t be afraid to experiment!

Fourth: Enjoy the journey. Sometimes we get so caught up in RESULTS RESULTS RESULTS, that we forget to appreciate that we are even ABLE (mentally and physically) to take on this journey. Value character and experience first. This is YOUR journey. This is YOUR story. Own it… every sweat-filled second of it!




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