Just A Girl Who Decided To Go For It



The picture on the left was taken before I began carb-cycling and HIIT training. I was still lifting weights and doing cardio, but my diet wasn’t on track and I wasn’t getting the most out of my training sessions.

The picture on the right was taken after about 6 weeks of carb-cycling and HIIT training. Believe it or not, I was spending LESS time in the gym! This picture is solid proof that diet and training style can have mega effects on your progress.


(I was hesitant about sharing this picture with anyone, yet alone, sharing it on the internet for the world to see. I’m not one to boast and brag about myself, and truthfully, I’ve been self-conscious my whole life.

But this picture made me proud.

I was scared of what people would think, what people would say, what people would say to other people about what they think (silly, isn’t it?)

But this picture made me proud.

So I went for it. I’m not ashamed of my story. I’m not here to portray perfection. I’m here to destroy stereotypes assigned to females. The stereotypes that hold us back. We can be strong. We can be bold. We can succeed. So don’t let the opinions of others consume you, and do not be ashamed of your story- it will inspire others.)


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