#Proyo Craze

#Proyo Craze

So I’ve been seeing A LOT of photos on instagram from fitness accounts posting mouth-watering pictures of #Proyo (protein powder + plain yogurt).I decided to give into the hype and try it out for myself.

My first #Proyo included vanilla protein powder + plain yogurt. I then added unsweetened shredded coconut and a sprinkle of unsweetened cocoa powder on top. The result?…absolutely heavenly!

I have huge sweet-tooth, so counting my macros has been a somewhat difficult process for me. Also, since I’m on a lower amount of carbs (since I’m currently trying to cut fat) sugars are a big no-no. Mixing up some #Proyo when I have a sugar-urge is a good way to help me stay on track while still being able to indulge in a sweet treat since the protein powder adds sweetness without tons of sugar.

As you see (from the picture above) you can add almost anything into your #Proyo depending on your macros. Sometimes I like crunch, so I’ll add a sprinkle of granola or oats. It’s totally customizeable according to your taste!

Try it out.
Thank me later. :p

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