Strength Training: Why Being Afraid of “Bulking” is No Longer an Excuse

The problem with most women is that we hear the term “weightlifting” and we have a mini heart attack because we don’t want to end up looking like a pumped up she-Hulk.

Well your fear of “bulking” excuse is no longer valid. 🙂

At least with me.

Women can’t achieve that “bulky” look. You know why? Because we simply do not have enough testosterone to create such a physique. Men have higher levels of testosterone than females and that is why they can pack on muscle easier than women can. Even women who want to bulk can’t do so without the use of steroids, excessive supplementation, excessive calorie consumption, and hours upon hours a day of heavy lifting.

With the proper nutrition and cardio training… adding weight lifting to your routine has the potential to truly remodel your figure.

See, in order to change your body. I mean, really change your shape… you must lift weights. Cardio will only make you a smaller version of yourself. If you want to shape, tighten, tone, and achieve that “hourglass” figure… you must pick up some weights!

The benefits of weight training are endless. Some benefits include increased resting metabolism (meaning you burn more fat while at rest!) improved mood, optimization of hormones, and the ability to essentially “mold” your body into the shape that you desire.

Strength training will not only change your body, it will change your life.

I spent years of my life on cardio equipment. No, really, I have. I used to do strictly cardio 6 times a week for at least 1 hour. I lost weight, heck yeah I lost weight, because my body was burning way more calories than I was consuming. However, I also lost essential muscle tissue. Sure, I was smaller than I used to be, but I was not toned or shapely. I refer to myself at this phase of my life as “skinny fat” and hey, it happens to a lot of us. But the more educated we become, the more we can do to help ourselves in the future.

I only began seeing changes in my body shape when I stepped off the treadmill and stepped into the weight room. Although I have not yet met my personal fitness goals, I am proud of the hourglass shape I have molded into by lifting weights. Stay tuned for an upcoming post featuring the Hourglass Workout! Summer is just around the corner ladies! 🙂


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