#PFBuildaBooty: Say What!?


This is one of my absolute favorite Booty Builders… Weighted Hip Thrusts! They’re pretty simple to do and you can reallllllly feel the burn!

Grab a weighted bar/barbell/dumbbell/weightplate (the possibilities are endless) and hold it across your hips. Make sure you hold onto the weight while performing the exercise so that it doesn’t fall anywhere (like on your toes, ouch!)

Rest your shoulders on a bench and look straight up at the ceiling with feet hip-width apart.

Slowly lower your booty down towards the floor and while pushing up through your heels, thrust your hips up towards to ceiling.

Remember to reallllllly SQUEEZE your glutes!

Do 15-25 reps of this movement for 2-3 sets.

Add this simple exercise into your strength training routine, at least 2x a week, and be on your way to a tighter, lifted, rounder derrière.

PFBuildaBooty Series
Stay Strong!
Primadonna Fitness


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