Fit Food: Chocolate Covered Nan’s + Oats


Have you tried the new chocolate covered banana slices by Dole yet!? They’re one of the ingredients in this bowl and they are to die for.

This bowl-o-yumminess is great post-workout fuel! I do suggest eating it post-workout because it is a bit on the higher side for carbs, but it really does give you a sweet treat without the added guilt of higher-fat/carb/sugar/calorie options!

Plus, it’s super simple to make!

Chocolate Covered Nan’s + Oats

Dole Chocolate Covered Bananas
1c. skim milk/soy milk/coconut milk (your choice)
Nature Valley Oats & Honey Bar

Combine 1 package of bananas with 1 package of Nature Valley Bars (crushed). Top with 1c. milk of choice & enjoy!

55g carbs 13g protein 11g fat

What’s you’re favorite guilt-free sweet treat? Share by commenting! šŸ™‚

Stay Strong!
Primadonna Fitness


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