Happy 4th of July Weekend!

How did everyone’s 4th go!? Did you BBQ? What are your favorite healthy BBQ options?

I’m excited to share some inspiring thoughts with you all!

You see, most 4ths I allow myself a “day off” …a day to enjoy all the goodies that surrounded me at family BBQs. This 4th was different.

I went in with the mindset that I’m going to meet and catch up with each individual friend and family member. Making the BBQ less about the food and more about the people I’m celebrating with actually made me stay on track with my nutrition.

Instead of snacking on the usual chips and dip, I opted to bring along a bowl of sugar snap peas… one of my favorites. They still satisfy that urge to “graze” and they take time to open and eat the little peas out so you eat less of them!

I still ate a hearty dinner. I actually had a hamburger and 2 hotdogs! But guess what? I opted to eat them without the roll and just a tiny squirt of balsamic ketchup (it’s yummy you should try It!) I also filled my plate with mostly salad, which made a great low carb BBQ dinner!

As far as physical activity, I got some walking lunges in in my driveway and I spent a lot of time running around with my younger cousins.

How did your 4th go!? Share some recipes or your healthy eating secrets below!



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