Hourglass Challenge Progress Photos

The Hourglass Challenge came to an end this week and I loved viewing each and every one of your progress photos. You all look absolutely amazing! Unfortunately, I could only choose 2 winners and it was extremely difficult! I have posted both winners progress photos below along with their review of the Challenge:

Winner #1


“Ten Things I’ve Learned From The Hourglass Challenge

After trying every fitness program and fad diet under the sun, this is what I’ve found:

1. All progress is positive progress..everything takes time and there is always more room to improve.
2. Push yourself..get every rep in, then work to get one, two, or three more.
3. Make time..even if it’s the last thing you want to do, it’s over before you know it and you feel more energized.
4. Cut out the unnecessary alcohol..leave it for the important celebrations, your morning-free hangovers will thank you.
5. Bread is overrated..this is a realization from a carb-aholic who used to make pasta bread sandwiches, veggies can actually be good.
6. If you want a cookie, eat a cookie..just not the whole package, and not every day.
7. Think positive..every day you work is one more day you didn’t sit on the couch for hours watching Criminal Minds marathons and eating Haribo gummies (which is still done, in moderation*).
8. Enjoy the journey and the progress..no results are easy or instant, small adjustments can make a huge difference.
9. Never give up..it’s a lifestyle change that boosts your self-esteem and makes you stronger physically and mentally than you think you ever could be..there are no more can’ts.
10. I FINALLY have a booty!..which is still under more construction ;)” -M.(Winner #1)
Winner #2


“I loved the hourglass challenge it was awesome that I could do it at home on my own time. I hate going to gyms so this allowed me to be able to do all the workouts and feel comfortable. I could wake up and do the workout which would only take me about a half hour and then shower and get on with my day. The first week it was tough but then when I got into it I loved it!” -S. (Winner #2)

Both winners will be receiving the Fearless Female prize package, which I will do a post on soon! 🙂


Thank you so much for participating in the first Hourglass Challenge! You ladies rocked it!


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