Fearless Fit Female: Mindy

I’m super excited to begin featuring Fearless Fit Females (that’s a tongue twister :p) on my Blog! Without further ado, I’m proud to introduce the first Fearless Fit Female:



Mindy is committed to health and fitness and has sculpted a beautiful body without sacrificing her feminine curves! Check out the mini interview below:


How did your fitness journey begin?

I got wrapped on in school and realized I didn’t like my body anymore. I had gained weight and lost muscle. I started eating better and losing weight but I wasn’t toning like I wanted so that’s when I began going to the gym and got addicted to fitness.
Who or what are your strongest motivators?
My real family and my gym family!
What is your favorite healthy treat/meal?
I love turkey tacos in lettuce cups and pizza made with zucchini… It feels like you are eating unhealthy but it’s so yummy. 
Tell us your favorite, “must-do” exercise:
Squats and Deadlifts!
You can follow Mindy’s fitness journey on Instagram at @mindysttnprty!

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