How many times during our fitness journey do we look in the mirror and feel as though we aren’t making any progress? It’s discouraging at times.

But, this feeling is normal…especially given the fact that you look at yourself everyday and may not readily see how your physique is transforming.

If you are just getting started or a long time fitness enthusiast, one of the best things you can do to monitor changes, is take progress pictures.

Progress photos allow you to go back in time and see a visual representation of your former physique. This is a wonderful way to gauge and track progress. Depending on your goals and starting place, using the scale is not the best indicator for change as it does not take fat loss or muscle gain into account. You would be surprised at how some individuals can gain a few pounds of muscle and look leaner than they did in an image where they actually weighed less.

Heres some progress photo tips:

  • Take a photo 1x every 2 weeks (be consistent)
  • Take the photo in the same room with the same lighting (we all know what filters can do!)
  • Take the photo in the same outfit or same type of outfit (ex. shorts & sports bra)
  • Download a photo timer app (so you don’t have to awkwardly ask a friend to take the picture)
  • Download an editor app to add text to your photo, such as the date.

WE ALL START SOMEWHERE! Don’t let your fear of seeing your body in a visual timestamp prevent you from tracking your progress and demolishing your goals!

You CAN do it! I believe in you. Now is the time to believe in yourself!


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