Yeah, this title explains it all…sort of.

What I really mean is how to get over yourself and your fear of running.

My boyfriend and I have recently started running outdoors. I’ve always been self conscious about my running form and how others on the street may view me.

Maybe I breathe too loud. Do I look slow? Am I jiggling? What if I have to stop to walk?

These fears consumed me. My runs weren’t that enjoyable because I was always concerned if people were laughing at me from the comfort of their passing cars.

Then, one prophetic morning before a run, I sat down to really think about my situation.

Whenever I see another runner, I respect them. Heck, being a personal trainer, whenever I see anyone (old, young, thick, thin) working out, I respect them. I’m pretty sure other gym enthusiasts do the same. So what am I so worried about? I’m doing something great for my body and great for my health. I often tell my own clients that “everyone starts somewhere,” and it’s the same for beginning any type of physical activity.

In fact, I found it extremely helpful to do some research on running form. I used to get so sore in muscles I didn’t even know that I was using (ex. forearms) and little did I know, it was because I was tensing up. Therefore, expending more energy than I needed to be and making my body more tierd during my runs. Working on my running form has allowed me to gain more confidence in my stride.

So next time you’re out there on the open road and you’re feeling self conscious, remind yourself of why you’re doing this. Breathe. And remember that at least one person in one of those passing cars is wishing they had the strength that you do.


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